Faceted search

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Configuration: basics

As always the configuration is stored at config.xml in the application's root collection. Please look for <module key="faceted-search">. Besides the facets there are several options and endpoints to configure:

key configuration
hits-per-page hits pagination
kwic-hits KWIC hits to show per document
kwic-width how many left/right neighbors to show for every hit
query-root XML node the query is sent to; always use one that is specified in your data collection's collection.xconf (and by this available for Lucene)
result-title title for a document hit
result-xslt XSLT to apply to the hits
thumbnail !LEGACY show/hide thumbnails for a document
viewer-html the link that every result points to

Configuration: Facets

To set up own facets you have to provide a @key (for internal usage and debugging), a @title (used as headline) and a corresponding XPath that is applied to all hits on a descendant-or-self axis. When a namespace is needed that is not specified in modules/faceted-search.xqm, there are three possible options:

  • specify namespace there
  • use a wildcard namespace *: (untested)
  • a valid explicit QName notation may be added here (untested).

Example configuration:

<param key="facets">
    <facet key="authors" title="Authors">
    <facet key="keywords" title="Schlagwort">
    <facet key="dates" title="Zeit">