Install SADE

Debian / Ubuntu

SADE is provided as Debian package for Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

Latest snapshot development packages can be downloaded from

All Operating Systems

Make sure to have Java at least in version 1.8 installed.

Download SADE as zip file: /-/jobs/artifacts//download?job=<job_name>

Unzip the file artifacts.zipand change to directory build/sade/bin

Start the service with ./ (Linux/Mac) or startup.bat (Windows).

If you have problems starting SADE this way you may also try to change to directory build/sade and enter java -jar start.jar jetty

Finally eXist front and back end is available at http://localhost:8080/ and the local SADE is visible at http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/sade/index.html.