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This is the SADE Publishers web interface. It is build as a demonstrator – a sandbox where you can preview your own content. When you start customizing it will become the engine behind your website to present TEI files of all kind.

Please consider using a local installation of this software. Just download and unzip the files, run the executable and get .

Important info

When you use the reference instance at sade.textgrid.de, we do not guarantee for any sustainability. We may wipe all the data there when we upgrade the software. With the modularized system it will become more easy to stay up to date with the current development, but it requires at least «some» code merge.

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a.[Rätsel auf das Feuer: dägens as 'n gôlden knôp, 's nachtens]

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480. Der Lieper Haidebaum bei Hohenrode

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